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A Sourcing Hub built for the Future

We help businesses safely and reliably source food and agricultural products from continental markets.
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Volume of Trade Transactions


Pioneering a fresh approach to Trade Finance

Supply chain market is deeply fragmented, extremely manually oriented and in desperate need of automation and seamless data connections across countless applications and stakeholders. MHS platform provides data aggregation to support business strategy decisions and optimize operations by automating processes.

From Villages to Global Markets. Building Robust Supply Chains

MHS is an Agritech trade Finance firm, building global standards Agricultural Supply Value Chains in Africa, to enhance food security and promote green sustainable trade.

  • ERP Integration
  • Financing
  • Automation
  • Payment Gateways
  • KYC & AML
  • Sourcing Hub
  • Procurement
  • Invoice Approval
  • White Labelling
  • Product Functionality

Corporate Culture

Our Mission

To Build Africa's largest Trans-Africa Trade and Financial Network primarily targeting cross-border trade systems by leveraging our new payment rails to provide financial inclusion and credit services to SME traders around the continent.

Core Values

To continue building a continental economy ecosystem driven by digital financial centrics for the informal cross border trader, enabling real time settlements and correspondence services for pure core clients seamlessly.

Hub & Spoke Model

MHS Asset Processing Engine uses Apache Spark, a lightning-fast analytics engine for big data and machine learning, to achieve scalability and insightful data analytics hence providing a rich and intuitive user experience.

Hallmark of Mamlaka's Model

A focused approach to create value across the entire value chain distinguishes us from traditional private debt players.

Data Aggregation

MHS gets access to data from customers & integrating into their upstream and downstream at minimal costs.

Market liquidity

We consider liquidity to be important for effective market functionality inorder to facilitate efficient allocation of capital and economic resources.

Product Innovation

From the smallest SMEs to the largest multinationals MHS provides innovative structures and solutions that harness supply chain networks.


SMEs utilising our trade tech-driven platform are able to receive payments in real-time eliminating the time spent in chasing outstanding payments.

Trade Networks

We strive to build a continental network of trusted businesses and professionals that ultimately form a healthy ecosystem where cross-border trade thrives.

Safe Transactions

We ensure transactions are seamless and transparent between different parties in the Ecosystem, through secure payments to forge new relations.