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Igniting the distribution network

Improve Efficiency, Speed & Decision Making In Planning, Warehouse Automation, & Logistics

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Road Way

Maximize efficiency and focus on growing your business without worrying about how to handle more orders.

Air Way

All your carrier and service activities brought together on a single platform for complete automation.

Ocean Way

Replace complex spreadsheet cash flow models with a streamlined software based Hub & Spoke.

Powered by cutting edge technology.

Our Asset Processing Engine uses Apache Spark, a lighting-fast analytics engine for big data and machine learning, to achieve scalablity & insightful data analytics.

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Our Platform contains a marketing journey that can be tailored to each programme. Your suppliers will be guided through the online supplier registration process, including KYC & documentation & the ability to select invoices.


We enable funders to configure the Early Settlement programme for each applicable buyer and approve invoices for early settlement. This structure works as a complement to Payables Finance – the funder plays a big part in it.


Our Platform enables buyers to seamlessly remit ledger files containing approved invoices, for their suppliers to discount. Our Platform also offers standard and bespoke reporting to track maturity payments.

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Accurate Accounting

Use the FIFO(First-in, First-out) accounting model at the point of shipment or invoice to boost accounting accuracy.

Integrated costs

Get a true picture of the total cost of your inventory and profitability across all channels.

Automated workflows

Save yourself hours every week by automating manual data-entry tasks like invoicing, payment taking & data consolidation.

Payables & Receivables

In just a couple of clicks, you can track accounts payable & receivables in real-time and across multiple currencies.

Working capital

Get smarter about how and when cash flows into your business with clear cash visibility through continous monitoring from our API tools.

dimensional reporting

Categorize your transactions, enabling multi-dimensional reports to give you desired insights for data-driven decisions.


Let's Automate

Seamless Integrations

Enabling consumer brands to combine algorithmic forecasting with dynamic inventory and supply modeling to meet consumer demand throughout the supply chain.

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The Hub & Spoke Platform offers a comprehensive suite of modules, each designed for critical supply chain functions.

Maintain continuity in your accounts, even as you expand into overseas markets, by automatically managing your supplier and customer accounts, along with their orders, invoices and payments in your local currency.

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Platform Features

Supplier Integration & Management

Get real-time visibility into your supply base. connect and collaborate with suppliers to ensure purchase orders are completed on time and shipments are received without delays.

Supply Planning & Execution

Dynamically orchestrate and control inventory positioning, order routing and replenishment of your supply based on the available inventory and anticipated demand.

Data Visualization & Forecasting

When it comes to reporting, accuracy is everything. Mamlaka's high perfomance AI integrations and Smart Ledger automatically creates short to medium term forecasting using machine learning deep level insights on Account Receivable, Payable analytics and model visualization across the entire supply chain spectrum.

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Manage inventory levels and product flow across all warehouses in your network, driving down costs and improving fulfillment efficiency and accuracy.

Financial cashflow Reporting

Integrating Mamlaka's ERP will give you a clear visibility over the full spectrum of cashflow, current day positions and balances through transactions aggregation with other data sources such as banks to automate local and cross-border payments and improve on reporting and forecasting.

Streamline your systems, scale up your business.