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Africa Supply Chain & Trade Finance

Earliest network of exchanges in Africa was the land-based Tran-Sahara Trade Network.

MHS trade network is based on technology connecting African Traders separated by geographical boundaries.

Our mission is trade facilitation for indigenous SMEs regardless of size through data, digital technologies, and liquidity.

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We Provide

Access To Trade Instruments

Mamlaka's Platform powers the supply chain finance programmes of leading African Corporates through data aggregation that automates processes.

Stable Supply Chains

We Map out the entire supply chain to identify the risks and opportunities in each trader's spoke providing perfect solutions for SMEs.

Fueling Financial Inclusion

Our modern cloud-based integration platform will enable any stakeholder to connect seamlessly as we use a hub & spoke model powered by AI.

Transforming Trade Networks

  • Supply Chain Finance
  • B2B Market Access
  • AI systems powered
We deploy low-risk trade finance instruments to provide immediate liquidity using low-risk trade finance instruments to finance businesses.
MHS platform provides data aggregation to support business strategy decisions and optimize operations by automating processes.
Our modern cloud-based integration platform will enable any stakeholder to connect to a Single window or B2B, regardless of what technologies they are using.
SMEs utilising our trade tech-driven platform are able to receive payments in real-time eliminating the time put into having to chase after outstanding payments.

Industries we Serve

Warehousing & packaging
Real Estate
Informal Women Traders

borderless trading

convenient payments

data leverage

invoices into tradable assets

MHS Services

Cross Border & Card Payments

Our platform offers payment solutions to assist banks in integrating their payment systems with their international partners, resulting in smoother transactions.

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Green Trade Finance

Our Green & Sustainable Embedded model provides a clear & guided process to assess eligible green activities within targeted sectors.

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Escrow Services

We offer flexible and integrated escrow services, providing efficient administration and risk mitigation for your transactions

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B2B Marketplace

Our E-commerce platform brings together B2B sellers and buyers and enables them to do businesses from our seamless automated technology.

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Enterprise AI Frameworks

Rely on us to tap the full value of your visual data with valuable enterprise solutions to quickly automate processes using vision AI models for easy integration.

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Digital Payments

We allow digital payments enabling users to leverage the all-in-one cross platform solutions with ease through enhanced product delivery.

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Ecosystem Community


Gain Economies of scale and enhance profitability through the centralized purchasing of materials or products on the behlaf of our supply partners.

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With rising inflation and higher interest rates on liquidity, we deliver working capital solutions that add value to your investments.

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Our Platform contains a marketing journey that can be tailored to each programme. Your suppliers will be guided through the online KYC registration.

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