MHS trade network

Njoki Muthuuri
MHS is a fintech trade finance firm that drives the growth of local indigenous African businesses through various trade finance instruments. We use a hub & spoke model to connect all traders in our network: Corporate buyers, SME traders and financial institutions. A trade exchange platform provides visibility, transparency and exchange of trade data unlocking flow of trade across the continent’s vast market.
  • Huge unmet demand for trade finance.
  • Borderless trading.
  • Convenient payments.
  • Leveraging data.
  • Transforming Invoices into tradable assets.


Forfaiting is a form of Receivables Purchase, consisting of the without recourse purchase of future payment obligations represented by financial instruments or payment obligations (normally in negotiable or transferable form), at a discount or at face value in return for a financing charge.

Corporate finance:

The focus is on a select group of stable, growing businesses on the continent that require finance and restructuring to scale. Targeted sectors are development nodes in carefully selected markets with a significant cash generation capacity in the medium to long term and attractive exit possibilities.


We deploy these low-risk trade finance instruments to provide immediate liquidity using low-risk trade finance instruments to finance businesses.
SMEs utilising our trade tech-driven platform are able to receive payments in real-time eliminating the time put into having to chase after outstanding payments. This allows business owners to shift their focus onto business growth instead.
We’ve created a system that benefits buyers and suppliers to improve working capital, decrease contract processing costs and offer more favourable payments terms to both sides.

E-commerce and supply chain aggregation:

Supply chain market is deeply fragmented, extremely manually oriented and in desperate need of automation and seamless data connections across countless applications and stakeholders. MHS platform provides data aggregation to support business strategy decisions and optimize operations by automating processes.
Our modern cloud-based integration platform will enable any stakeholder to connect to a Single window or B2B, regardless of what technologies they are using.


Hallmark of Mamlaka Model

A focused approach to create value across the entire value chain distinguishes us from traditional private debt players.
We leverage technology expertise to connect the main market networks to the latent but huge new market opportunities within the local, regional and global supply value chain to meet the huge need for trade finance.


A digital platform that has deployed AI and blockchain.


An outstanding team of corporate finance professionals with extensive experience in structuring and executing transactions.


We seek to invest in companies in identified sectors in which it can create/add substantial value.


Mamlaka takes advantage of the changing environment across Africa to identify attractive entry points in selected sectors in Africa.


Value Creation

Pioneering a fresh approach to private debt

Fueling financial Inclusion

Financial sector deepening


The Advisory Board